Monthly Archives: July 2012

Special screening of “Beni, Back into the Wild” in Washington DC

To view the Movie trailer click on the image below.  

Sad, sad news: the loss of four of our babies!

Last year went by with no major health problems at Lola. Now, half way through 2012 it is clear we won’t be spared this year. One morning in late January, Kindu who was doing really well suddenly showed signs of sever abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing and neurological symptoms. Despite the rapid health care she […]

Ilebo, never lacking in imagination !!!

Our friend Ilebo decided to try out a new sport this week… The pole jump! Deep in concentration, he really seemed to have the faith… and us too to be honest! Photos : Emilie Genty Unfortunately for him, his balance was a bit off, or maybe it was just the law of gravity and he crashed […]

Bonobo personalities at Lola….

The bonobos at Lola, just like humans, each have their own personality. Here are a few as an example! Photos: Emilie Genty   There are those who spend all their time laughing…. …like Eleke and Bisengo!   The sulkers… Like Api in his favourite position…   The “drinkers”… …Bili certainly seems to be on the […]

Likasi is finally a mother !

Following several failed pregnancies, our lovely Likasi has finally made it into motherhood. She gave birth in the enclosure forest to a beautiful little female who we have named “Elonga” which means “Victory” in Lingala. The entire group of bonobos is in admiration of the little one… we can safely say the same for the […]