Monthly Archives: August 2012

What news of the last orphans to arrive in the nursery at Lola ?

A few months ago we introduced you to the two orphan babies who had recently arrived at Lola ya Bonobo, Kinzia, a little female and Singi a little male. We are pleased to give you the good news that both are doing very well, are in excellent health and full of beans. And as you […]

North Carolina’s Museum of natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC host Claudine André

Learn more about what led Claudine Andre to establish a bonobo sanctuary in the middle of a war-torn country when she presents “Protecting Bonobos: Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo” at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Tuesday, August 21 at 7pm in the Main Auditorium at 11 […]

Bandundu, mother of two!

Her little boy Wangolo is barely four years old, yet Bandundu recently gave birth to her second baby. This time around it’s a little girl that we have named “Moseka” which means “very young girl” in Lingala. Females reaching the end of their pregnancy are usually the centre of a lot of attention from the health […]