Monthly Archives: October 2012

Oo..oo..oo..ooh !

It’s Halloween, and it seems that there is only one little bonobo at Lola who is aware of this fall holiday! Be that as it may, with or without his friends he’s decided to dress up with this fancy ghost mask. Unfortunately, it seems that it isn’t really scaring the rest of the group who […]

Ilebo in for a change of scenery

For a while now, young Ilebo has been a real terror within his group, sometimes going as far as blocking his fellow bonobos such as Eleke and Bili, of a shy nature, from accessing their ration of food. Suzy, our ethologist, studied the situation with great care and her final verdict left no other choice […]

Kinzia… What a beauty!


The Art of disguise…

They’re going to make a killing with Halloween coming up so soon and it is with pride that our bonobo friends put into use simple gifts from Mother Nature. The prize for best fancy-dress goes without a doubt to Lisala. With a little imagination, don’t you think she looks like… a Masaï warrior??? In actual […]

First day of school for Kinzia!

Yes, our little Kinzia can stand proud, she just recently joined the “big guys” in their enclosure… well they are bigger than her but little none-the-less… For the moment, and as expected she never leaves her Mama’s lap and is wary of who comes to settle down beside her, but despite it all, she shows […]