Ilebo in for a change of scenery

For a while now, young Ilebo has been a real terror within his group, sometimes going as far as blocking his fellow bonobos such as Eleke and Bili, of a shy nature, from accessing their ration of food. Suzy, our ethologist, studied the situation with great care and her final verdict left no other choice than to than to transfer Ilebo into another group.

The transfer was carried out with the help of Mama Yvonne, Ilebo’s substitute mother back in his nursery days in who he still has a great deal of trust. Papa Stany, waiting in ambush, operated the tunnel doors to allow Ilebo’s passage from one enclosure to another. It all went smoothly.

Following the usual noisy and slightly stressful welcome into the new group, Ilebo is now happily settled in and is no longer wreaking havoc… as for Bili and Eleke, they can finally relax.


Mama Yvonne and Suzy encourage Ilebo to go the distance needed to reach his new enclosure.


Despite Suzy’s reassuring words, Ilebo is hesitant to join his new group.


First meeting with Fizi, and adult male of the new group.

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