Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Media

No less than three teams come to film at Lola in just one month!!! The BBC came back to Lola for a new series on primates, “Primate Planet” presented by Dr George McGavin. We also welcomed France 2 for an episode on the sanctuary and its orphans, presented by Olivia Mokiejewski. And finally, one day […]

Claudine André receives a new award

Claudine André received a “Présence Congo pour l’environnement” award early in October as a reward for her implication in the conservation of Bonobos. The award allowed allied organisations (Le Club Diplomatique, Le Forum Congo de Politique International, Diplomatica Magazine…) to honour Congolese figures from both the Congos.

Bolomba from Bolomba, she survived the hunt!

The hunters contacted our Basankusu office because they “didn’t want to catch a bonobo in their trap”… they asked if we could go and get her to save her. Chacal and Alphonse headed off on the 90 mile trip to Bolomba on the motorbikes to go and get the little 7 or 8 year old […]

Likasi moves into enclosure 3

Jean-Claude, keeper at enclosure 2 had recently noticed that Likasi’s baby seemed to be losing weight, keeping an extra close eye on Likasi and her baby, Elonga, he soon realized with amazement that someone was stealing the little one’s milk right from her mother’s teat! Who is the culprit you ask? Well, our very own […]