Monthly Archives: December 2012

Disney Project

Led by Pierrot, the pupils from the local school in the village of Kimwenza, participated in an awareness campaign funded by Disney. They planted and harvested cucumbers for the bonobos at Lola ya bonobo. The money that the sanctuary paid for the vegetables will go towards paying their school fees. Bravo to Pierrot and his […]

Bolomba doing well at Lola

Between the various delegations arriving at Nd’jili airport for the Francophone Summit, arrived a young female bonobo all the way from the province of Equateur. A sad story with a happy ending… She was caught in a snare “accidentally” according to the hunters who brought her back to their village and contacted us so we […]

Honour to Lola ya Bonobo!

In the weeks leading up to the Francophone Summit, Lola was solicited several times by the local journalists. Such is the case for the TV channel Kin 24, which was presenting different attractions in the Kinshasa area for the guests of the summit to visit during their stay. Conclusion: Mrs Kabila and the presidency requested […]