Honour to Lola ya Bonobo!

In the weeks leading up to the Francophone Summit, Lola was solicited several times by the local journalists. Such is the case for the TV channel Kin 24, which was presenting different attractions in the Kinshasa area for the guests of the summit to visit during their stay.

Conclusion: Mrs Kabila and the presidency requested that the ABC welcome the first ladies to Lola ya Bonobo.

And so the First ladies, led by Mrs Olive Kabila honoured the sanctuary with their visit.

Everything was in place for a perfect visit! The Ministers, our beribboned burgomasters, our local traditional chiefs, the staff all dressed up and the bonobos at the top of their game!

It was a wonderful day that followed meticulous planning by Pierrot. Adolphe, the chief gardener pushed himself to the limit to make the surroundings beautiful. Stany polished of his boat and the Mamas learnt and practised new songs for Lola!

A great day that will stay in our memories for a long time to come!

The traditional chiefs at their best to receive the first ladies from the francophone world!


The Mamas sing for the first ladies.


Pierrot welcomes Mrs Kabila (DRC) and Mrs Ali Bongo (Gabon)

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