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Showing the love… bonobo style!

If you’re in doubt as to whether the bonobo orphans consider their substitute mothers to be their real mothers… take a look at these pictures! Look how Sake and Katako like to groom Mama Espérance! Grooming for bonobos is one of the main social behaviours, a sure sign of love!

Of course it’s easier without the hat…

If two bonobos aren’t enough for the job…three must be… as Lukuru joins in! That’s how much they love their Mama Espérance!

The joke’s on Katako!

One of the long running jokes among the Mamas at Lola ya Bonobo is at poor Katako’s expense… Katako may be a favoured little bonobo by many of the visitors to Lola and from our friends of bonobos far and wide… but all the Mamas say she is ugly with her over wrinkled little face and her prominent brow! Here is Mama Yvonnes imitation of sweet Katako!


Masisi is the current terror of the nursery, she pulls all sorts of stunts !

Luckily, Katako, the biggest of the nursery group is there to chase her away when she really crosses the line! Masisi’s passion… Katako! They put on a truly amourous show for all the visitors at Lola. They love each other in the pool, they love each other in the trees, and there they go again, walking off with each with an arm around the other…

Masisi and fanny the Lola vet.

Kata is fine!!!

Now I know some of you have been worried about Katako, but fear not she is well and back to her old self! Stealing food from the others and disobeying the mamans! Good old Kata!!!

Here’s a little picture of her trying to drink out of a worn and torn bottle… not very easy!!!

Kata under the weather…

Our ‘little’ Katako, the « biggest of the little ones » has been a bit under the weather recently. She has been opting to stay nice and warm in a straw-filled hammock and to receive sweet TLC from Maman Esperance and the vet staff. Get well soon Katako.

News of the babies.

Finally the virus epidemic that ran through the sanctuary in December is over… life at Lola is back to usual!

Mischievous Katako has also got back into her old habits: during the milk distribution she steals the bottles from the smallest bonobos, delivering free slaps and kicks! She no longer carries Sandoa around as much as she used to, there seems to be a timeshare with Lukuru although Maman Henriette tells us it’s not quite as often as it was with Sandoa.

When Katako is told-off, she comes and sits next to the Mamans to beg for forgiveness.

Lomako has really grown these past few weeks! He has been leaving his substitution mother, Maman Micheline more and more. He is so much more independent… we can’t say as much for Kananga who is still glued to Esperance.

Kipolo has given us all a nice surprise, (especially for the Mamans) as he has begun helping them clean up the nursery at the end of the day. Everyday when it’s that time, he collects the fruit peel from the ground and puts it all in the box… but best of all he makes sure that none of the other babies scatter it all over again, a highly amusing pastime for little bonobos.

Ideas for Christmas…

Why not support the ABC by adopting one of our orphans, each adoptive parent receives a certificate and a photo as well as news updates on the bonobos!!! ( )

Katako is among the bonobos up for adoption…

Or you could buy a pair of ‘Congos’, ‘Nanners’ or a green T-Shirt from BONOBO ( ) one of our sponsors! For each purchase the ABC will receive 5$, and 1$ for every new customer!!!

The flu again…

In the Nursery:

So the flu came and went, Phew!!! All the little ones are doing well, playing just as before. Katako is back into the swing of things, stealing the milk bottles from the little ones! Our Little Shibo was the worst-off and caused a great deal of worry, luckily he pulled through and is back to his old self!

But we must remain vigilant, the virus has spread through to enclosure 1. Stany’s bonobos are affected and the virus could jump back over to the nursery… this only highlights our desperate need for the new Nursery facility! We have started fundraising but have not yet reached the half-way mark of our target amount.

So as a Christmas gesture for the bonobos please donate and help us to create this new facility intended for the babies and substitution mothers, as well as to improve the quarantine conditions for the new arrivals!


I really needed this today. it’s been so stressful with all the bonobos sick.

Anyway, was up at the nursery watching like a hawk for the slightest sign of infection and i saw kata giving tchhi a kiss. kata has turned from a total drama queen into a real sweetie. she is so shy.

katako kissing tchhi

Claudine says march is always terrible. the sanctuary has been closed to all visitors to stop any transfer or get the bonobos sicker.

I hope it passes soon!


katako is here with eleke eating sugar cane in the shade.

katako and eleke

It is so hot, it’s so strange that it’s a flu. it’s definitely something viral. antibiotics do nothing.