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We are roaring along on our food donations and are now up to a total of $11,348 for the $33,000 short fall. We’ve also had some larger sponsorships, so I’ll send those through shortly!

Thank you to Stuart L., who donated $150, Our WLD faithful blog follower Dina C. who donated $140, Wendy B., Francis B., Stephani A., Lee Shane, Elizabeth Burston, and Robin Zimmerman who all donated up to $50 and finally to David Bendelman who adopted Lomela on behalf of Polina Labovskaia. You’re all wonderful, thank you.

Wow, more than $11,000 in three weeks – and to think that at our Friends of Bonobos board meeting last july, we only had eight people who had sponsored bonobos!!! Thank you all so much. More update on the food situation soon. Hopefully Lomela won’t have to go without bananas!!