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Masisi is big! look at the photos of her last year and this year! can you see how much bigger she is? i didn’t get a good photo because all she did was run around. up trees, down trees, into the bushes, stealing my camera bag … the only photo i got of her was when she took a break to chew on a stick for a while. whew! a big change from last year when all she did was sit on her mama Henriette and never get off!

nursery b 107 masisi

masisi march 2009

ok, i know there are lots of anxious mamas out there for Lomela. she is in with the big group now!!! the only problem is there is a known dirt thrower – keza a big male who every time i pull out my camera slings a fistful of mud … but i’m going to do it, i know you’re all counting on seeing what a big, beautiful bonobo she is now!

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