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Tough Day

we had a really sad day today. Mixa, a little boy from group 1 died today. He was the most special little bonobo, Brian’s favourite. He was always laughing and happy. And he would run up and down the fence line wanting to play. he loved to splash around in the water. we don’t really know what happened, we found him drowned in the lake. he might have fallen into the deep part, he might have been sick, we’ve been having the most terrible cold epidemic and the bonobos are taking it hard. it’s emergency mode here, just tying to get from one day to the next … all the staff are really sad. with mimi’s baby, mimi, and now mixa.


then i got this message which really cheered me up …

Dear Vanessa,

I don’t know if you remember me, Marie? I am the 11-years-old girl who sponsor Masisi. Yesterday, I looked the news of Lola ya Bonobo on the Web site, and I read that Masisi was very healthy. I was so happy to learn those great news! Last month, at school, we had to prepare an oral presentation on a foundation or an organisme that we love. I did it on Lola ya Bonobo and I showed some pictures of Masisi to my friends. They fell in love with her. Every day, they ask me “How is Masisi? Is she growing up?”

I just wanted to have some news. If you want to answer me, please send your e-mail to boyoma1 at hotmail.com.

Thank you to take care of the cute little Masisi. Transmit her my greetings(can we say this in english?!),

Marie Haroon


Masisi is big! look at the photos of her last year and this year! can you see how much bigger she is? i didn’t get a good photo because all she did was run around. up trees, down trees, into the bushes, stealing my camera bag … the only photo i got of her was when she took a break to chew on a stick for a while. whew! a big change from last year when all she did was sit on her mama Henriette and never get off!

nursery b 107 masisi

masisi march 2009

ok, i know there are lots of anxious mamas out there for Lomela. she is in with the big group now!!! the only problem is there is a known dirt thrower – keza a big male who every time i pull out my camera slings a fistful of mud … but i’m going to do it, i know you’re all counting on seeing what a big, beautiful bonobo she is now!

don’t forget to donate to the release project! www.friendsofbonobos.support.htm, and there’s now a widget thanks to the team at wildife direct!