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Thanks for the Donations!

hey! we made it to past $1000 for the release! thanks to the generous donations of Sarah Chancel ($100) John and Bretta Fox ($200). John came to our board meeting last year and gave us some great ideas for taking bonobos into U.S. classrooms and we’re currently working on a lesson plan now.

So all in all we’re up to $1135!!

Aiming for $20,000 by the end of july, so we’re 1/20th of the way there!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to donate to the bonoboo release. Just use the donations widget on this page.

Semendwa’s Baby

it’s a boy! semendwa has had another baby – Leki, which means ‘the first little brother’ because no other babies have a little brother except leki’s sister, elikia. isn’t he darling? i couldn’t get a very good face shot, but i assure you his little wrinkly face is just too too cute!


it’s important for the bonobos at lola to have babies, because we are hoping that mothers with infants will provide the focal groups for the bonobos who are being released. in the wild, the group centres around mother and infant pairs, so we hope this will encourage the group to stick together. Also, if the bonobos are going to be wild, they need to know how to raise babies, and now semendwa has had excellent practise!!


we’ve just got in all our donations from wildlife direct, so we’ll be giving you an update on our progress for fund raising for the release.

if you haven’t already, don’t forget to donate over at the donations widget on the right. See it, over there?


Masisi is big! look at the photos of her last year and this year! can you see how much bigger she is? i didn’t get a good photo because all she did was run around. up trees, down trees, into the bushes, stealing my camera bag … the only photo i got of her was when she took a break to chew on a stick for a while. whew! a big change from last year when all she did was sit on her mama Henriette and never get off!

nursery b 107 masisi

masisi march 2009

ok, i know there are lots of anxious mamas out there for Lomela. she is in with the big group now!!! the only problem is there is a known dirt thrower – keza a big male who every time i pull out my camera slings a fistful of mud … but i’m going to do it, i know you’re all counting on seeing what a big, beautiful bonobo she is now!

don’t forget to donate to the release project! www.friendsofbonobos.support.htm, and there’s now a widget thanks to the team at wildife direct!

Internet Woes and Lukuru Update

Yay! internet! sorry for all those anxious parents out here, waiting for news, the Internet was totally kaput for like a week. But now it is on and guess who is first – Lukuru!!

This is her last year …

nursery 101
Nursery 101

… and now look at her with mama henriette! she is big – she has so much hair!!! and all her parents should know she is the sweetest bonobo ever – like so totally adorably sweet. she just runs right up to you and wants you to tickle her – i’ve never seen such a brave bonobo who is so small! she’s just a baby, probably only 2 years old. but she is just so happy. she laughs and plays all day with her buddy sandoa. i tried to take a picture of the two of them, but they are just a blur.

lukuru with mama henriette 2
Lukuru with Mama Henriette

I have heaps of news on the release project – more on that later. don’t forget to donate, we’re after $20,000 for the 20,000 hectares.

www.friendsofbonobos.org/support/htm and you can donate to the release project right here on WLD. The donations widget is up and the donations received are working again, thanks to the team at WLD.

lukuru smiling
Big Lukuru kisses!